The Romanovs' Petersburg: Follow in Anastasia's Footsteps - Peterhof Palace and Park is the birthplace of Anastasia Romanova

The Romanovs’ Petersburg: Follow in Anastasia’s Footsteps

Anastasia Romanov might as well be Russia’s most famous historical figure in Western Culture, what with the eponymous animated movie and Broadway musical. But which places around Saint Petersburg do you need to visit to walk in the steps of the most famous of Grand Duchesses? Follow this guide to find all about the places where she lived… and where she rests.

How to (wisely!) choose your hostel or backpacker, a comprehensive guide for first-time travellers

How to choose your backpacker (wisely!)

Sleeping in a backpacker or an hostel can be an amazing way to travel on a budget, but it can also be quite daunting for first-time travellers. You don’t always know what to expect or how to pick the right place, and you might be weary of what will happen on the day.  This guide will help you to pick the best possible sleeping arrangements. Everything for a stress-free backpacker night!