My name is Morgane and I’m a French travel blogger.

I started travelling in 2008 with a school trip to South Africa, where I caught the travel bug and never stopped exploring since! I grew up in the North of France before moving to Canada for a semester abroad, then to Russia and New Zealand as part of my Master’s Degree. I then left France for real in 2016 to move to London and never looked back!

I am now based in London, where I was part of the PGCE program to become a language teacher before working in a secondary school for an entire school year. I officially quit my job  in 2018 to focus on private tutoring and to give myself the freedom to pursue my dream of travelling full time. The Travelling Baguette came to life as a way to record my travels and to share my experience with other travellers. It mainly focuses on travelling when on a budget and on the cultural aspect of travelling.

What’s with the name?

The Travelling Baguette first came to me as a joke name for a potential blog name. The days passed by and, despite a lot of brainstorming, I couldn’t figure out another, catchy name for the blog. Everything was already taken or didn’t sound good enough to me. So I went back to The Travelling Baguette, which says a lot both about my nationality and my undying love for bread.

How often do you travel?

As often as possible! My past job as a teacher allowed me to go and explore during holidays all through the year, and my new working schedule allows me the freedom to wander as much as I like. I am also and mostly lucky to live in Europe, which allows me to travel to a lot of countries while staying on a budget and while not having to worry about visa issues.

How do you make money?

I am currently freelancing as a specialist subject teacher in primary schools (where I teach French to tiny people) as well providing French private tutoring in London and online through my company Français Fastoche. I also monetise The Travelling Baguette to its full potential.

What camera are you using?

I use two cameras when I am travelling. My main camera is the Canon EOS M10 with a 15-45mm lens, that I use both for pictures and videos on the blog and on Instagram. I also, more rarely because of its weight, use the Nikon D3400 with a 18-55mm or a 55-200mm lens. A few of my Instagram pictures are also taken with my iPhone 8.