About me

My name is Morgane and I’m a French travel blogger.

I started travelling in 2008 with a school trip to South Africa, where I caught the travel bug and never stopped exploring since! I grew up in the North of France before moving to Canada for a semester abroad, then to Russia and New Zealand as part of my Master’s Degree. I then left France for real in 2016 to move to London and never looked back! I am currently living in Dubai and dipping my toes in international teaching.

What’s with the name?

The Travelling Baguette first came to me as a joke name for a potential blog name. The days passed by and, despite a lot of brainstorming, I couldn’t figure out another, catchy name for the blog. Everything was already taken or didn’t sound good enough to me. So I went back to The Travelling Baguette, which says a lot both about my nationality and my undying love for bread.

How often do you travel?

As often as possible! My job as a teacher allowed me to go and explore during holidays all through the year, and I tale full advantage of it. I am also and mostly lucky to live in Dubai, which allows me to travel to a lot of nearby countries while staying on a budget.

What camera are you using?

I use two cameras when I am travelling. My main camera is the Canon EOS M10 with a 15-45mm lens, that I use both for pictures and videos on the blog and on Instagram. I also, more rarely because of its weight, use the Nikon D3400 with a 18-55mm or a 55-200mm lens. A few of my Instagram pictures are also taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note10.